Brute Prowler Attack

Establish your army, build and expand your units with the Halo Brute Prowler Attack by Mega Bloks! Three Crimson Brutes converge on UNSC forces in their Brute Prowler, a heavily armored ground support unit with a turret capable of a 360-degree field of fire. Organizing a counter-attack, a UNSC Spartan leads two Marines on a mission to take the Prowler and trap their Covenant enemies.

Ideal for children ages 8 and up!


  • Buildable Brute Prowler
  • Covenant Figurines: Brute Crimson x3
  • UNSC Figurines: UNSC Spartan Stealth, UNSC Marine Stealth x2
  • Accessories and Weapons: Backpack x2, Plasma Rifle, Spike Grenade x2, Brute Mauler, Brute Spiker, M6D Pistols x2, Frag Grenade, Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle
  • Pieces 205
  • Age 8+
  • Item #97004
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  • Building Instructions PDF

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7 Product reviews

  • PathFinder138 PathFinder138

    Yeah I just ordered it of of (The only place I could find it :|) and I have 6 extra brutes to put on and with it! =]

  • SuperCharged SuperCharged

    I really like it and it has a really nice set of UNSC troops.

  • yomomma yomomma

    This set is a great addition for anyone's collection. Like many people I passed on the first prowler due to the repeat figures from series 3, so I wanted to pick this up the second I first laid eyes on it. The prowler itself has a sturdy and game accurate design. One of the best features is the conflict between UNSC and covenant forces that adds a lot of playability. The weapons for the set are extremely nice. The plasma rifle looks stunning in the violet color, the previously almost impossible to find mauler is a nice addition. The inclusion of 2 magnums for dual wielding is a great ouch, along with the frag grenade. All and all a great set.

  • superspartan872 superspartan872

    nice set like the panlt job on figs and best one l have bruts lnlt

  • MQCFHaken MQCFHaken

    This Walmart exclusive might suffer a bit of sticker shock (Warthog prices for the block count of a Spade?), but if you're willing to eat the premium, you're in for a treat. The Prowler itself is well-detailed, the gun port swivels satisfactorily without risking a minifig getting stuck inside, and the bottom skids have just enough room for seating additional Brutes. Unlike Covenant vehicles of similar size, it may have some difficulty gliding on the included transparent "stand" pieces - clever placing or repurposing of spare blocks can fix this without offsetting the Prowler's balance on most surfaces.

    The real selling point of this set is the 3v3 matchup between Crimson Brutes and Stealth UNSC forces, and it shows with the accessory variety. Brute materiel includes a comeback of the Mauler at a kid-friendly price point, and one of the few instances of the Brute Plasma Rifle out there. The Marines and Spartan are no slouches either, in sleek Stealth paint jobs and packing iconic UNSC light weapons (and hey, it's a set with pistols to dual-wield!).

    A great kit to start off a Halo collection or stockpile Brute swag for a Great Schism within your Covenant armory - though once again, you're looking at a bit of a price hurdle to overcome.