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Inside the Animus: Da Vinci’s Flying Machine

Oct 30, 2014

Inside the Animus: Da Vinci’s Flying Machine

The world of Assassin’s Creed is all about playing with the past. So it’s only fitting that sometimes when designing our Assassin’s Creed sets, we end up taking a page out of history. A good example would be Da Vinci’s Flying Machine. A pretty boss set in its own right, there’s also an impressive amount […]

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Battle Kapow! Blok Bots with our new Boxing Game!

Oct 28, 2014

Battle Kapow! Blok Bots with our new Boxing ...

Blok Bots Boxing – try to say that three times fast! We’ve got a fun new Boxing Game up on our Kids website, but you’ll have to be pretty quick to win. Kapow! fans can get into the ring with the fiercest boxing robots in the Blok Bots Fighting League. Start things off with a […]

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Figure-collecting goes mobile

Oct 28, 2014


Figure-collecting goes mobile

Since launching our new Halo website last year fans have been eagerly looking through the hundreds of different micro action figures, digging deeper to find their own must-have Spartans. Now, before fans get the figures in the palm of their hands they can check out their faves…in the palm of their hands…with our all-new mobile app! Browse every figure […]

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New Despicable Me sets coming this holiday season!

Oct 21, 2014

New Despicable Me sets coming this holiday s...

Builders will soon be able to embrace their “inner Minions” with a new line of easy-to-build and fully customizable construction sets based on the super-popular Despicable Me franchise. The figures and sets will offer mix-and-match features, such as interchangeable accessories, hats and goggles. Each set will include buildable Minions that are unique to one set, for a wide variety of Minions […]

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