Dump Truck

Get your little trucker hauling heavy farm loads with the John Deere Dump Truck by Mega Bloks! Designed for your pint-sized preschool builder, the John Deere Dump Truck has a tilting bin with pronged tips to build or lug all kinds of blocks. Your little trucker will discover lots of exciting ways to build and rebuild his acres of land with this versatile and imaginative John Deere toy.

Ideal for children ages 1 to 4!


  • Sturdy, John Deere branded truck with tilting bin and big wheels!
  • An amazing value of 20 big blocks!
  • John Deere Trucker Figurine
  • Compatible with all John Deere by Mega Bloks products
  • Pieces 25
  • Age 1-5
  • Item #80801

$ 29.99 USD (MSRP)

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1 Product review

  • cjones148 cjones148

    My son received this almost a year ago for his 1st birthday and loves it! While he has no complaints... I do. He likes to "push" it around since it is big... the tilting bin will come unsnapped and flip up on him, causing him to fall or hit his head on the bin. I have used some duct tape to keep it down, but may try some Velcro too. I wish the bin was made to clasp sturdier as kids love to push toys and this could be a hazard. If it wasn't for this issue, I would rate this a 5 star toy.