Get your little farmer’s hat strapped on tight as he takes to the fields in his John Deere Tractor by Mega Bloks! The John Deere Tractor has a removable pronged roof that lets your little farmer build on top, or reveal a driver’s space for his included little tractor buddy! It’s also a great storage space for building blocks or whatever else their imagination can fit in.

Ideal for children ages 1 to 4!


  • Sturdy, John Deere branded tractor with pronged building base and big wheels
  • Six big blocks
  • John Deere tractor figure
  • Compatible with all John Deere by Mega Bloks products.
  • Pieces 7
  • Age 1-4
  • Item #80820

$ 11.99 USD (MSRP)

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1 Product review

  • lynlo03 lynlo03

    My son and daughter both love this tractor! Great size for pushing around and the top lifts up so he can put a few things inside.