Samurai Megazord

Call on the powers of Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Forest to summon the Rangers' devoted animal Zords and build the Samurai Megazord by Mega Bloks! The Samurai Megazord is a completely rebuildable Megazord that can be reformed three cool ways! With the Red Ranger and his Mega Blade piloting the Samurai Megazord, the Power Rangers are ready to face anything the Netherworld can throw at them!

Rangers Together, Samurai Forever!

Ideal for children age 5 and up.


  • Buildable Samurai Megazord
  • 3-in-1 Building! Alternate Megazord possibilities!
  • Vinyl Stickers Included! Allows for continued re-labeling on rebuilds!
  • Keep sticker sheets to hold stickers while you rebuild
  • Red Ranger includes Mega Mode armor, helmet, belt and Mega Blade
  • Building steps online @
  • Pieces 334
  • Age 5+
  • Item #5785

$ 29.99 USD (MSRP)

  • Building Instructions PDF
  • Rebuild Instructions A PDF
  • Rebuild Instructions B PDF

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