Smurfs Beach

Hidden deep in the forest lies the magical Smurf™ village where you can find all of your favorite Smurfs™! Down near the river, the Smurf™ Beach by Mega Bloks lets everyone have a Smurf™-tastic good time under the summer sun. Smurfs™ from all over the Smurf™ village can enjoy building sand castles on the beach, relaxing on the patio, lounging in the leaf hammock, or sliding down into the river with a big splash. Smurfette hangs ten riding the waves on her surfboard while a Smurf™ lifeguard keeps an eye on the fun. Open the mushroom house to bring the fun inside as the Smurfs™ have a merry beach party when the sun hides between the clouds, or sets for night-time fun.

Ideal for children ages 4 and up!


  • Build and rebuild the Smurf™ Beach with Smurfette and Lifeguard Smurf
  • Buildable Smurf™ Beach House mushroom with opening hinge pieces
  • Includes blue “water” building plate, “sandy” building plate and brown building plate
  • Includes patio table, patio umbrella, teacup, lounge chair, lifeguard chair, leaf hammock, picnic blanket, seaweed, sand pail, surfboard, slide, ladders and floating buoy
  • Fun on its own or combine with other Smurf™ characters and playsets by Mega Bloks
  • Pieces 99
  • Age 4+
  • Item #10755

$ 29.99 USD (MSRP)

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