The Take-Along Builder: the toddler toy that travels

Mar 29, 2018
Not all your toddler’s toys are created equal. They’ve got the ones they like to take with them everywhere they go. Then there’s the ones they sit down and play with for hours, or the ones they keep coming back to again and again. But we thought, what if we made a toy that could do it all? Enter the Take-Along Builder.
This rolling, portable “suitcase” is a building set, travel toy, and storage case all in one, which means your little one can take playtime with them wherever they go – whether it’s to grandma’s house, a playdate, or on the next family road trip.
With its easy-to grip, flip-up handle, the case is easy to tow along, even for a toddler. So you won’t have to worry about hassling through the door with one more thing to carry.
When you get where you’re going, open it up and find 16 colorful pieces inside, including big building blocks made just for preschoolers’ little hands. 
Stack them right onto the outside of the Take-Along Builder. Or open it up and snap the removable building plate into place on the inside to make a base for your stackable creations. 
There are endless ways to build and rebuild, so there’s always something for your little one to do, even on longer trips – especially when they discover the rolling wheelbase for building zoomin’, vroomin’ cars and more! 
But what happens when it’s time to pack up and go home? Just put everything away inside the case for quick and easy storage. You’ll be all set to roll to your next destination, and toward your toddler’s next big discoveries!