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Ready for School with Toys that Teach

With back-to-school in swing, you may wonder “is my toddler too young for preschool?” Never mind REAL school, which can seem way too far away to plan for. But whether you know it or not, you’re probably already preparing your toddler for school. How? Through play!
From playroom to classroom, when toddlers play, they’re also learning. And that’s not just true for obviously educational toys. Kids make discoveries and build skills every time they play.

Here’s how your little one’s favorite toys are getting them ready for school.


Shape sorting toys like the Shape Sorting Wagon are a fun way for toddlers to organize and sort objects. But learning to recognize and manipulate shapes is also an early math skill that can help lead to success in school.

Plus, shape sorters help preschoolers practice thinking skills like problem solving, as they figure things out through trial and error.

ABC & 123s

Recognizing letters and learning to count are two of the first academic skills kids develop through play. And lots of toys, like the Let’s Get Learning set, combine the two for double the learning fun.

Any kind of play that helps kids learn numbers or that teaches them to count is a great preparation for math class down the road. In the same way, toys like alphabet building blocks help children develop early literacy skills as they learn to recognize letters – something that leads to reading and writing later on.

Sounds & Music

A car that goes beep or a toy like the ABC Musical Train is more than just a noisemaker. In fact, sensory stimulation is a big part toddlers’ physical development, waking them up to the world around them.