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Tantrum tricks!

Tame your toddler with these simple tips

Who would have ever believed that there was an upside to throwing tantrums? Not you; that’s clearly why you’re looking for tips to make them stop!

Well you’re in luck. We’ve provided you with some simple tricks that’ll help you solve some #RealMoments when your toddler starts to fuss:

Set a schedule

For children and adults alike, schedules allow for control – and control creates comfort. By doing activities at the same time each day, your toddler will feel more in control of the situations they are in. And this will, in turn, empower them and create a sense of ease. Routine makes right, so when it’s time for the CAT® Dump Truck race, make sure it happens at the same time each day.

The laws of distraction

Often times, toddlers will cry when their toys are taken away from them. It doesn’t matter who the culprit is; it might be you, your spouse, or even – most probably – a sneaky sibling. When the tears are about to flow, distract them with another toy, a snack, or simply change their environment. They’ll forget all about that toy, even if it’s the super cool Build & Race Rig!

Incentivize with a prize

Give your toddler an incentive to behave. Are they upset because they got the green cup instead of the red one? A small incentive goes a long way. The next time they fuss over not getting their favorite cup, teach them how to ask for it nicely, and when they do, reward them for it! Maybe, for example, you can let them play with our speedy rolling race cars toys?

Hug it out

If all else fails, give them a great big hug. Most of the time attention and affection is what your little one is after. Remember, all you need is love. 

And don’t forget to share your toddler’s tantrums on Instagram. Use the #RealMoments hashtag so that we can share in on the “fun”!