Flood Siege

The Flood have gained control of an UNSC outpost with a powerful Magnetic Accelerator Cannon. Two UNSC Covert Ops Spartans, Air Assault and Grenadier, outfitted in state-of-the-art covert ops armor, have slipped into the base on their Mongoose undetected. If they can’t reclaim the compound and MAC, they have been ordered to destroy it.

Ideal for children ages 8 and up!


  • Buildable Flood Siege UNSC Outpost with MAC Cannon
  • UNSC Covert Ops Figurines: Spartan Air Assault, Spartan Grenadier
  • Flood Combat Forms: Elite Combat Orange
  • Accessories and Weapons: Assault Rifle, M247H Machine Gun, Grenadier Backpack, Plasma Rifle x2
  • Pieces 426
  • Age 8+
  • Item #97071
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  • Building Instructions PDF

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10 Product reviews

  • zakamo209 zakamo209

    I liked the mac cannon and the characters but the platforms were hard to build and the infection flood got lost

  • commando001 commando001

    If you combine the cauldron clash with set it creates the ultimate UNSC base.

  • tc-z6 tc-z6

    I bought the set for the mac Cannon, it has good accessories however the Mac Cannon is sub Par in the scale department in my opinion.

  • MegaManiac13 MegaManiac13

    Looks so cool.

  • june123 june123