Flood Siege

The Flood have gained control of an UNSC outpost with a powerful Magnetic Accelerator Cannon. Two UNSC Covert Ops Spartans, Air Assault and Grenadier, outfitted in state-of-the-art covert ops armor, have slipped into the base on their Mongoose undetected. If they can’t reclaim the compound and MAC, they have been ordered to destroy it.

Ideal for children ages 8 and up!


  • Buildable Flood Siege UNSC Outpost with MAC Cannon
  • UNSC Covert Ops Figurines: Spartan Air Assault, Spartan Grenadier
  • Flood Combat Forms: Elite Combat Orange
  • Accessories and Weapons: Assault Rifle, M247H Machine Gun, Grenadier Backpack, Plasma Rifle x2
  • Pieces 426
  • Age 8+
  • Item #97071
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  • Building Instructions PDF

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11 Product reviews

  • Admiral-Sabree Admiral-Sabree

    Idk this set averages alot of money and I can't seem to get why. It's by no means a bad a set but like the elephant troop transport it's not worth the price of a covenant scarab or something. Now that that's out of the way though. Looking through the comments this set has gotten alot of unwarranted heat. Not only is it litterally one of like 6 sets that is focused around a structure instead of a vehicle but it has alot of value in its levels. It's not every day a set comes with this many exsesories either. Two cones, 4 sandbags 2 barrels a barricade which is super useful, a storage crate and a fuel rod cannon that's alot of stuff. The mac cannon is not to proper scale of course but at this point one shudders to think if it was. The landing pad is small but is easily large enough to accommodate a kestral or vulcher gunahip. Add in the night ops mongoose giving us a vehicle ties the hole set together. O and I forgot the heavy mashine gun/turret as well. The set dose another good job by evening out the playing field. The structure is set up in a way that the unsc dosen't nessisarly have to be in control of it. The figures are both great done up it that specific color sceme and mixed with the red they are just awsome. Then toss in that rare pack and give it the same color sceme makes it even better. The flood come in two flood infection forms (I would have liked two or three more but this is fine) meanwile the orange flood combat forms lok great and really stand out. The only bad thing is see with this set is the weapons. Two flood elites, two plasma rifles ok got it. Two spartans one assault rifle and..... that's it. Overall a great set that is underrated and yet still overpriced on resell.

  • zakamo209 zakamo209

    I liked the mac cannon and the characters but the platforms were hard to build and the infection flood got lost

  • commando001 commando001

    If you combine the cauldron clash with set it creates the ultimate UNSC base.

  • tc-z6 tc-z6

    I bought the set for the mac Cannon, it has good accessories however the Mac Cannon is sub Par in the scale department in my opinion.

  • MegaManiac13 MegaManiac13

    Looks so cool.