“MINE!” How play can teach your toddler to share

Sep 26, 2017

When it comes to your child’s first words, “mommy,” “daddy,” “yes,” and “no” will probably make the list. But only the universal toddler favorite “MINE” definitely will. It takes time for preschoolers to learn to share. But watching them do so as they interact with other children and make friends can be very special. 

Hosting play dates and teaching your toddler the importance of sharing and playing nicely is an important part of their growth, allowing them to develop key social skills as they learn to collaborate with others. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure that your child’s next play date is a success! 

Break the ice! 

At the start, play dates can be intimidating! Help your child and their friend break the ice by setting up a fun, simple team activity they can bond over. Or pick out a toy that gives them both enough opportunities to share, like our 80-piece Big Building Bag. This will allow them to learn about each other, work together and feel more comfortable for the remainder of the play date.



Set some ground rules! 

Make sure your child and their friend both understand the basic rules you want them to play by. This leaves more time for play, and less cause for discipline and tantrums! 

Turn clean-up into a game! 

Teaching your little ones to tidy up after playing is important. By turning clean-up into a game, your child and their friend can learn to collaborate and have fun, all at the same time! 



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