24/7 Dad

For most dads, it happens like this: you’re shopping with your kids, picking them up from daycare, or playing together at the park. Then a stranger stops you: “That’s so cute. Is daddy babysitting?” they ask. “No,” you feel like saying, “I’m parenting.”

Today, being a father is a full-time job. From potty training to the first day of school, dads are involved in every step of their children’s journey through toddlerhood and beyond. They’re not part-time parents, they’re dads 24/7.

Dads are chefs in the morning, playmates in the afternoon, and storytellers at bedtime.

From the minute your toddler wakes up (dads don’t need alarm clocks) you’re fixing breakfast, changing diapers, or getting everyone’s teeth brushed and lunches packed.

Then it’s onto taxi duty, where dads do it all, from buckling carseats to navigating traffic, and calming tantrums and fights in the backseat.

In the afternoon, dad is everyone’s favorite playmate, whether it’s a game of dress-up, getting creative with building blocks, or throwing around a ball. But playtime’s also a chance for professor dad to teach lessons in colors, letters and numbers, or to help little ones learn on their own.


Lights-out can be tricky, but at night, dads make sure little ones feel cozy and safe with bedtime stories and cuddles at tuck-in. And of course, it’s dad to the rescue when it’s time to check for monsters under the bed!

We appreciate the huge role dads play as teachers, nurturers, friends and heroes for their kids to look up to.