Am I taller than yesterday? Every toddler wants to know!

Jul 12, 2017
It seems there’s nobody on earth more obsessed with knowing how tall they are than toddlers. 
Maybe your little one has been returning to the family growth chart every day this week to see if anything changed overnight. Or maybe they’ve been stomping around tall stacks of Mega Bloks® pretending to be the city’s biggest giant.
But there’s a reason your little one loves asking, finding out, and talking about how big they are. Preschoolers are naturally curious — about the world and about themselves — and learning that they’re always growing and changing is an exciting discovery for them. 
So why not turn your toddler’s latest fascination into a fun building game when you help them use their Mega Bloks to build a tower as tall as they are, learning to count as you go! 
Your little one will love building and rebuilding their own personal height meter to figure out how many blocks tall they are. And it’ll be even more fun every time they discover they’ve grown enough to add one to the stack!
Next, put a bright twist on this fun counting game when you help your little one name the color of each block they count. It’s amazing what a little curiosity can build!