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Don’t have a cow, mom!

How tantrums teach
From giving them the wrong colored cup to picking them up when they just want to be left on the floor, tantrums are every parent’s favorite part about raising a child. In terms of #RealMoments, this is as real as it gets!

We joke of course, and even though they’ll put your patience to the test, the truth is that tantrums can actually be beneficial to your little one’s development. Here’s why:

Expressing emotions
Tantrums, in fact, allow your toddler to express emotions that they might be holding back. If you replace their sippy cup with juice instead of milk, they might actually be crying because you took their cup away in the first place, not because you exchanged liquids. Sometimes the issue is something altogether different from what’s on the surface.

Deal with difficulty
Believe it or not, a tantrum is a great teaching tool. It tells your toddler to work through harder times, that everything won’t always be perfect, and that “the struggle is real”. If their block tower falls down and they start to fuss, show them that they can build it right back up again!

Just say “no”

As a parent, saying “no” can be one of the hardest things to do. But every time you do it, you’re setting boundaries, and teaching your toddler about appropriate behavior – which is the key to their growth.

Still not convinced that tantrums actually teach your toddler? Do you just want those tantrums to stop? Hang in there, next week we’ll be sharing 4 tips to temper your little one’s tantrums.

In the meantime, why not share your favorite pictures of your toddler’s tantrums on Instagram? Don’t forget the use #RealMoments so that we can share in on the “fun”! And try to keep your cool, okay?