The Elephant Parade is coming to town!

Oct 12, 2017

Who doesn’t love a parade? The friendly faces passing by. The colors, the sounds, the excitement! Now every day can be parade day for your little one with Mega Bloks®’ all-new Elephant Parade. 

A buildable twist on a classic preschool pull-toy, this big, rolling Elephant and parade of colorful animals will inspire your toddler with countless ways to build, play and learn.

Want a front row view for the big event? Read on to see how the Elephant Parade is rolling out discovery from trunk to tail!

They see me rollin’

Your little one can lead the parade when they pull the elephant along on its rolling wheels to make the big tumbler bin spin around and around. Everyone will know the parade is in town when they hear the building blocks tumbling around inside to announce the elephant’s arrival!

It’s a pull-toy! No, a building toy! No, it’s both!

Classic construction meets pull-along fun! Spark curiosity and build motor skills when you open the tumbler to find building blocks that you can use to make different animals! Sit the hippo, monkey, toucan and giraffe on one of the rolling wheelbases or right on the elephant’s head to have them join the parade!

Match game!

Learning colors can be a wild adventure when you stack the different animals on their matching color on top of the elephant’s tumbler lid. Then connect the animals together and roll out for more bright adventures.

Now you see me, now you don’t!

When it’s time for the parade to pack up for the day, clean-up is easy-peasy when you store all the blocks neatly away inside the elephant until next time. No fuss no muss!

What colorful surprises will your little one build when the Elephant Parade comes to town?