Good Clean Fun

Mar 17, 2016

Kids are always eager for playtime, but when it comes time to clean up, little ones seem to be better at making messes than picking them up! Not to worry. There are ways you can make tidying up more exciting: teaching your child that picking up their toys and putting them away can be almost as much fun as playing with them.

What’s more, lessons in cleaning up can also be a healthy and engaging way for toddlers to let out extra energy, helping their physical development as they build up gross and fine motor skills and coordination.

Read on for 6 simple tricks you can use to make cleaning up fun for kids of all ages!

1. Get Organized

Clean-up is much more fun when it’s easy. So set up your kid’s room or play area in a way that’ll make it effortless. Use transparent drawers and organizers to store toys with lots of pieces, like building blocks, or to keep things sorted by color. Storage bins and reusable bags are also a great, as kids can dump toys right into them. 

2. Set the Mood

If you seem bored by something, your children will think it’s boring too. Lead by example and keep a playful attitude as you tidy up. It’ll help your kids feel like they’re still playing, even when they’re actually cleaning up!

3. Set a Timer

“Let’s see how fast we can clean this up!” Work together to put all the toys away within a certain amount of time. Or put on some music and challenge your kids to pick everything up by the end of a song.

4. Hold a Race

Start the clock and race your kids for 10 minutes of cleaning. Get your kitchen clean while they pick up their toys, and see who finishes first!

5. Match Game

Turn tidying into a match game that kids can play with siblings or playmates, and see who’s fastest at sorting toys by color or type. Bonus points if they put the toys away in the right spot!

6. Use Big Toys to Clean up Little Toys

Some toys, like our Block Scooping Wagon, were designed with clean-up in mind. Your little one will love pushing this colorful wagon over blocks to pick them up, and will get a kick out of watching them spin in the clear compartment!

Kids can also use traditional wagons and toy vehicles like dump trucks and excavators to roll through the house, picking up loose toys and putting them in the vehicle’s compartment to pick them up as they go!