Holiday Greetings from Mega

Over this past year, we learned our shapes, colors and alphabet. We began to hear, see and touch in new ways. We started walking, running and thinking independently. We built strong relationships, got ready for school, celebrated birthdays and holidays too! And, of course, we laughed and we cried. Come to think of it, we accomplished so much, and through it all, we shared these #RealMoments together.

Here now are some of our favorite, heart-warming #RealMoments that you’ve shared with us:

“#RealMoment The best moments are when my son is smiling while he is playing with is favorite toys!!!!”

-Myriam Robillard

“Avi having fun with his Mega Bloks truck and characters before bedtime! #RealMoment”

-Melanie Haggiage

“Emerson has always loved blocks, especially as a pass time in the hospital! Here is Emerson waiting for heart surgery playing with his mega blocks!”

-Jenna Tanner

“Brother and sister, a quiet moment together #RealMoment”

-Tiffany Rotulo

“My son Marcelino enjoys playing with his Mega Bloks. His favorite spot is to play with them on the couch, he always makes sure not one of them falls off the couch.”

-Samantha Pantoja

Wow! This is what #RealMoments are all about. We get so inspired when you share these wonderful stories with us. Thank you for sharing, and Happy Holidays from our family to yours – we can’t wait to share in even more #RealMoments in 2019!