How your toddler can impress their kindergarten teacher.

Aug 25, 2017

We’ve all heard first-day-of-school horror stories, from crying and tantrums to not wanting to let go of mom or dad. But preparing kids for the classroom while they’re still preschoolers can make all the difference when it finally comes time for school.  

How can your little one make a striking first impression on their kindergarten teacher? Here are a few tips that will help prepare them for being top of the class!



The Basics

Where to start? Preparation is the key to success! Get your little one into the rhythm for their big day by planning ahead and preparing them with easy routines!

  • Start routines at home 

An easy school day is all about following a routine. Ease your toddler into the idea by introducing a pattern for things like taking a bath, changing into PJs, or reading a bedtime story. Or practice a morning routine as you make the bed, get dressed, and brush their teeth.  

  • Practice independence

So you’re going out for a (rare!) date. Giving them good-bye kisses and hugs when leaving them with the sitter and then again on your return can be comforting. Reassuring them you’ll be back very soon will also ease their insecurity.

  • Build good habits 

Practicing good behavior – like cleaning up their Mega Boks  after playtime – leads to good habits that will carry over the school.

Following these simple tips will help them get used to routines and teach them to become more independent, getting them ready for their very first day at school!



Warming Up to the Kindergarten Environment

With your little munchkin’s routines figured out, it’s time to make sure they’ll shine in front of their very first teacher. How? By helping them slowly get used to the kindergarten setting. 

  • Play with peers

Playdates with other toddlers are a fun way to get kids comfortable socializing with their peers and other friendly faces.

  • Visit beforehand

Spending time at their future kindergarten’s park or play area can help familiarize them with their new environment and will boost their confidence when they return.  

  • Mind your manners

Teachers love good manners, and theirs is bound to be impressed when your little star greets their them every morning , says please and thank you, and most importantly, tells them when they need to use the potty to avoid any unwanted accidents.



Their Time to Shine

By now your little one is almost fully prepared to shine on their first day at school.  But you can give your budding learner even more of a head start by teaching them their ABCs, 123s, colors and shapes with fun educational toys.

This kind of learning may feel like play. But picking up these academic skills early is sure to help them impress teacher on their first day, and will set them up for success with every school day to follow!