In a letter, with love

May 02, 2016
There are lots of wonderful ways for families to share their love, but there’s something extra special about putting it in writing. And for kids especially, writing kind messages to parents and siblings can be a great way to learn that expressing and sharing thoughts of love and happiness only makes these feelings grow. So why not make exchanging letters a new tradition in your household when you build your own family mailbox out of building blocks!
Even the activity of building your mailbox can be a great opportunity for children to develop social and emotional skills like sharing and cooperation, as kids can work together or with parents to decide everything from how big the mailbox should be to how many blocks to use. 
But the emotional benefits of building your mailbox will be even longer-lasting than that. Start your new tradition by asking you little one to write down a message they think will make someone else happy. For older kids, it can be a whole letter, while younger kids might write down only one or two words, or even just draw a picture.