Making Math Fun with Mega Bloks

Mar 17, 2016

Kids of all ages learn better through play, and that goes for math too. All you need is the right toy and a little creativity.

From learning to count to mastering school subjects like addition, subtraction, and even fractions, playing with building blocks is a great, hands-on way for kids to develop academic skills that will help them in school and beyond! Here are a few ways you can use Mega Bloks to help build up your child’s math skills as you play:

Count down to learning

Preschoolers will love learning to count as they build an ever-growing tower, counting out loud as they add each new block to the stack. You can even use blocks with numbers on them to help your little one learn to associate the number with a certain quantity. 

Add (or subtract!) a challenge

As kids get a little older and their understanding of numbers grows, you can adapt this counting game into an addition and subtraction challenge as you add blocks to the stack or take them away.

To build a basic understanding of fractions, use blocks of different sizes explain how the same total, or whole, can be split up different ways. We’ve split three equal wholes into: one whole (1/1), two halves (2/2), and four fourths (4/4). It’s easy to see they all add up to the same thing.

Once your child is ready to move on, you can use blocks to illustrate all kinds of problems, like adding or subtracting fractions.

To keep things simple, keep a common denominator for all fractions in a problem, use a particular color to represent the whole, and then make all the numerators in each fraction match that color. That’ll make it easy for kids to remember to add or subtract numerators.

See the example in the problem below, where one whole equals four fourths (4/4), and where two fourths (2/4) + one fourth (1/4) = three fourths (3/4).

Keep it playful

Whatever their age, you’ll be amazed at just what they can learn when they’re having fun. So remember to keep it playful and let them wow you as they build new skills and reach soaring new heights!