Mommy museum: toddler art on display

Oct 10, 2017
It might be all over your walls, on the pages of your favorite books or, if you’re lucky, on a piece of scrap paper. But one thing is certain; all toddlers love to scribble scrabble and explore their creative minds. And although it may look like just a scribble, moms know it for what it really is: a masterpiece that deserves the museum treatment!
Here are some fun and easy ways to display your toddler’s modern art! 
DIY Easel
Just a few building blocks later, you’re all set to display your little Picasso’s work in a creative way! 
DIY Pedestal 
Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes! Build this easy pedestal with your extra building blocks so your child can display all kinds of creations! 
DIY Multi-Use Stand
Sometimes toddlers’ tireless creativity means you end up with more than one beautiful piece of art to show off. This simple-to-build multi-use stand can display multiple projects at once and is easy to change up. So when the new artwork comes in, you can rotate the older ones to the back!
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