Roll into a high-speed Thomas adventure!

Apr 06, 2017
Get ready to make Thomas go faster than ever before when you build the Racin’ Railway Wagon and zoom him down the ramp! The best part is that you can build it anywhere you go!
First, pack up the Racin’ Railway Wagon and prepare for a day of fun! Then, roll the Racin’ Railway Wagon to your play destination and build up Sodor adventures and build up your developmental skills.
Improve gross motor skills when you roll the wagon around and perfect fine motor skills when you align Thomas on the ramp and with the gate. 
For the grand finale, feel a sense of suspense and excitement as you lift the handle and send Thomas speeding down!  
When you’re all done playing, just pack the blocks back up into the wagon and roll it over to your next stop! Where will you take your Racin’ Railway Wagon next?