There's more to colors than you think!

Sep 01, 2017
Light a spark and brighten up your little one’s playtime with this fun color recognition game! By using vibrant building blocks, your toddler can boost their cognitive and physical development with this simple activity – while they play!
Color is one of the very first experiences your toddler faces as they explore the world around them. Learning to distinguish their colors benefits cognitive development as it helps them differentiate objects around them.
  1. 1. Empty out their big building bag onto the floor. (Don’t worry! It won’t be messy, we promise!) 
  2. 2. Have them organize the blocks by color. 
  3. 3. When your preschooler starts getting the hang of this activity, add a second level of difficulty by creating builds with different colored blocks and challenge them to repeat the builds! 
We gave you a little head start with three builds your little one can follow, but don’t limit them to these! 
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