What your toddler’s favorite toy says about them

Nov 29, 2017

Parents know every toddler is different – and so is the way they play! So while one child might gravitate to music boxes and plushies, the other may prefer Mega Bloks™ and pull toys.

But what if we told you that your child’s favorite toy actually says a lot about their personality? Different types of toys help preschoolers develop in different ways, which means your little one’s play preferences can actually shape how they learn and grow.

So, what’s your little one’s favorite toy? Let us tell you what it says about them!

Building blocks

For every set of building blocks, there’s a creative little builder who can’t wait to turn them into towers, houses, makeshift teddy bear thrones and imaginary animals. Building, tearing down and rebuilding is your little one’s way of realizing their creative vision, all while building fine motor skills and practicing concentration. 

If your child loves to build with blocks, they’re probably creative and imaginative, and are likely to be more patient and focused than other kids.

Places and buddies 

If your little one has a knack for storytelling and make-believe, maybe toys that feature characters and locations are their favorite. Creativity and self-expression blossom as children dream up stories and learn to tell them in their own way.  

So whether they’re scooting around town with their friends on main street or having adventures at the treehouse, chances are your toddler is an inventive storyteller who is learning to express themselves with confidence. 


Zooming into new adventures is a favorite way to play for many children. Is yours racing to the rescue with a friendly Police Car, or cruising along with a pink convertible? Being interested in vehicles is natural for your child (they spend so much of their time being driven around in one by mom or dad!) But if your little one has a real passion for wheels, they’re probably active, energetic and eager, ready to build up motor skills as they speed to the next discovery! 


For some kids, school can’t come quickly enough. Maybe the lesson of the day is matching similar shapes to build a squiggly caterpillar, or stacking all red blocks together to learn problem solving and colors. But if your toddler seems drawn to 123s, ABCs, and other learning toys, it’s a sign that they’re curious and want to make new discoveries every time they play!

Pull toys

If your little one’s favorite toy is something they can bring with them everywhere they go, it may mean they like to be prepared in case playtime breaks out at a moment’s notice. Always ready for fun, kids who prefer tag-along toys like a classic wagon with a block scooping twist or a pull-toy like the Elephant Parade are often confident in exploring and experiencing new things!

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