Chopper Strike

Mega Bloks introduces the Call of Duty® Collector Construction Sets.

The light attack helicopter of the Chopper Strike is used in support and transport of ground troops, unleashing a sudden lightning strike meant to overwhelm enemy forces with multiple weapons systems. The light attack helicopter is a buildable helicopter gunship with rotating blades, and realistic miniguns and rocket pods hanging from its stub-wing pylons, and measures 12L x 10.5W x 5H in inches. Frank Woods and one other special ops trooper possess extreme poseability for any combat scenario, and highly detailed, authentic interchangeable accessories and weapons that allow for mission-specific customization.

For ages 12 and up.


  • Buildable light attack helicopter 12L x 10.5W x 5H inches with rotating blades, stub-wing pylons, with miniguns and rocket pods
  • Frank Woods, and one other super poseable micro action figure
  • Includes 18 highly detailed, interchangeable accessories and weapons like a removable combat vest, entrenching tool (E-Tool), ammo pouch, combat knife, ammo clip, flashlight, binoculars, walkie-talkie and more!
  • Care package to store accessories and weapons
  • Pieces 278
  • Age 12+
  • Item #6816

$ 29.99 USD (MSRP)

  • Building Instructions PDF

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10 Product reviews

  • Sarge_152 Sarge_152

    Very nice representation of the Little Bird Helicopter. In fact, it's very difficult to put passengers but if you look at the true model, you will see that they are equiped with platforms to carry troops. I customized it this way!
    Frank Woods is amazing with all his tatoos represented...
    Worth it.

  • prugerbear prugerbear

    Good figures, pointing to James woods which is great and lots of accessories and crate but the chopper is amazing with 2 can be in it and has machine guns and rockets on the sides which great and the weapons are fine 10/10

  • Wecky Wecky

    Great set, the little bird is very detailed, only down side is the fact that you can´t fit a figure in the back. Other than that this set is very nice. Frank Woods is ready for action.

  • WittyWarrior WittyWarrior

    This is a really great helicopter! It looks good and is durable, so if you're playing with it you can just pick it up by the back and it wont snap off. The multitude of accessories it comes with is really good if you want to customize your figures. Both figures are great too. The only downside is that the landing skids break off a little easily.

  • Kaelandoucette Kaelandoucette

    Love it has great detail and looks like an actual little bird use by the USA. Frank woods looks good and the pilot and if you love helicopters this is a must have