RIB Coastal Attack

Climb aboard for an amphibious assault on the enemy beach!

Ideal for clandestine ops, special forces use Rigid Inflatable Boats, or RIBs, to approach coastal targets without detection. Now, dive in for a surprise attack with two Jungle SEALS when you build a camouflage RIB with rope detail and pivoting motor, and outfit your SEALs for an amphibious assault. The highly detailed soldiers come with authentic diving accessories for planning your strike on the enemy beach!


  • Buildable Rigid Inflatable Boat with camo finish
  • RIB features pivoting motor, rope detail, and fuel can accessory
  • Two highly detailed, super-poseable Jungle SEAL micro action figures
  • Figures come with diving masks, rebreathers and detachable armor
  • Accessories include flippers, light machine gun, submachine gun, and knives
  • Collect and combine with other Call of Duty® construction sets by Mega Construx™
  • Build the mission, and build beyond!
  • Pieces 160
  • Age 10+
  • Item #DPW84

$ 19.99 USD (MSRP)

  • Building Instructions PDF

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4 Product reviews

  • UnfriendlyPorcupine UnfriendlyPorcupine

    Where did the care package go? was it not included in the 1st one? Anyways they could have made it cooler by adding a glass window with a roof sorta like how they made the new green Humvee cooler by adding 4 doors and more.

  • acfivebeast acfivebeast

    the vector looks GREAT with the supressor from the bolt action sniper

  • malinchat malinchat

    tres difficile a trouver en france et en europe,pourquoi ne pas vendre directement depuis votre site "boutique"

  • Nach_de_Torres Nach_de_Torres

    It looks very nice when finished, but a couple of bricks are much too big.