Play by Age

Whatever their age, Mega Bloks is there every step of the way
Age 1
One-year-olds explore their world through their senses, and their young minds love to make connections.
Age 2
Two-year-olds are full of energy and enthusiasm, and they love to be in charge.
Age 3
At age three, children's imagination comes alive, and they love to ask questions about how things work. 
Age 4
Make-believe play fills your four-year-old's days, and true friendships begin to form as their social skills improve.
Age 5
At age five, imaginations reach new heights and athletic abilities start to shine … just in time for school!


Get a move on learning with toys that help develop motor skills.

Can stack two blocks together

Can stack five or more blocks

Builds structures, break them down, and build them up again

Is learning to swim, skate, dance, ski and bounce on a trampoline

Has better physical coordination for more complex actions

Social + Emotional

Toys to help them play, laugh and grow together.

Loves to watch and copy others

Loves to play alongside their parents, or other kids

Communicates more easily, and tells parents what they want

Is beginning to grasp that people have different experiences and feelings

Develops even stronger friendships


Engage their curiosity and watch their minds grow through discovery, imagination and problem solving.

Practices tasks over and over

Is learning the basics of numbers and counting

Can follow more complex instructions, and is beginning to compare themselves with others

Has a longer attention span for new activities

Can solve problems and explain things

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Latest Toys

The latest playtime developments to help build them up.


Big Building Bag (classic) (80 pieces)

Mega Bloks Building Basics

Age 1-5
Pieces 80
Item # DCH63

Build, stack, and explore endless construction possibilities!

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Approx Retail Price: 19.99


Skybright Airport

Mega Bloks Storytelling

Age 1-5
Pieces 36
Item # DPJ56

Imagination soars at the Skybright Airport!

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Approx Retail Price: 24.99



Thomas & Friends

Age 1-5
Pieces 5
Item # DXH48

Build big railway adventures with an all-new Thomas made just for little hands!

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Approx Retail Price: 4.99