Covenant Drop Pod: Combat Elite

El Combat Elite blanco es un soldado experto capaz de vencer fácilmente a un escuadrón entero de Marines de la UNSC. Armado con una Plasma Sword, el Covenant Drop Pod permite que el Combat Elite sorprenda y neutralice a las fuerzas de la UNSC.

Perfecto a partir de 8 años.


  • Capsula de aterrizaje para montar
  • Combat Elite
  • 1 espada de plasma, 1 pistola de plasma, 1 arma ligera de combustible
  • Piezas 22
  • Edad 8+
  • Elemento #96932

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6 Opiniones sobre el producto

  • ladyalexis13 ladyalexis13

    The elite is okay but the real star is the fuel rod gun! It was really tough to get this weapon at the time and it looks great.

  • SpartanDelta444 SpartanDelta444

    I like both the pod and the figure. The figure has a fuel rod which isn't seen a lot. The pod has weapon placements. The new ones dont

  • BruhNation BruhNation

    This set is really just for the elite, but the pod is still cool. The elite is very nice and honestly it looks better with a pink sword

  • VicsVinny VicsVinny

    Small sets are always fun to get, because of their unique figure, and sometimes epic weapons, which in this case is the Fuel Rod Cannon.

  • CRB1104 CRB1104

    The Drop Pod's nice and easy to put together but the colors are so off from the above pictures. The Fuel Rod Cannon was such a bright, obnoxious yellow I had to repaint it almost as soon as I took it out of the box to a brassy copper * A bit closer to what it is in the games *

    The Mini fig is an off white * Think of glow in the dark figures in normal light * I was actually hoping he was glow in the dark, that would of been very interesting, perhaps I will paint him with a coat of glow in the dark paint on his armor.