Wraith de Covenant

¡Conforma tu ejército, construye y expande tus unidades con el Wraith de Covenant de Halo de Mega Bloks! El Wraith se encuentra armado con un par de cañones de proyectiles. Actúa como la artillería móvil anti aeronave de Covenant pero puede causar daño masivo a objetivos de aire y tierra.

¡Ideal para niños de 8 años y más!


  • Wraith y Estructura Forerunner para armar
  • Figuras Covenant: Elite en Comando Dorado, Elite en Combate dorado
  • Figura de CENU: Spartan en armadura EOD verde
  • Piezas de armería: Casco Scout, Brazo derecho Scout, Brazo izquierdo Scout, torso ODST
  • Accesorios y Armas: Lanzador de plasma, rifle de enfoque, lanzador de cohetes, localizador de objetivo
  • Piezas 637
  • Edad 8+
  • Elemento #97014
  • Building Instructions 1 PDF
  • Building instructions 2 PDF

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20 Opiniones sobre el producto

  • BenJahn BenJahn

    Excellent job at redesigning the Wraith. It captures the wraith perfectly, and although, same as often with Mega Bloks, to me the older sets are the best from nostalgia, this set is incredible, and while the figures featured aren't ground breaking, but still nice, the Wraith is brilliant. If you collect Covenant vehicles, this is a 100% must have for your collection.

  • vsg001 vsg001

    Awesome, realistic model. Solid build and great color. Great figures and the price is amazing for this one. This is the only set in my halo collection I have a duplicate of.

  • Warrior0311 Warrior0311

    This is a great set. ( i got it cheap) The figs r good and the build was fine. Its a great covenant vehicle

  • haloawesomness haloawesomness

    Great set! I love it so much! Although the pieces were sort of tricky to put together, but other than that it is at least my second favorite.